On Mojo Mountain, we believe that nobody thrives until we all do. Practicing sustainable farming techniques; trash management and clean up incentives; creating an environment of respect and support for our staff, business partners, and local community; are the fundamental principles that drive everything we do.





Approximately 1 hour’s drive from the Pacific coast and 45 minutes from Arcata, CA, Willow Creek enjoys sunny weather all summer long. It’s a popular tourist destination because of beaches and parks, as well as extensive roads for scenic driving or biking, and trails for hiking in the Six Rivers National Forest. The dense forests provide exceptional wildlife viewing of elk, deer, river otters, black bears, mink, bald eagles and peregrine falcons.

The town of Willow Creek, at the junction of 299 (Trinity River National Scenic Highway) and 96 (Bigfoot Scenic Highway), is located inside the Six Rivers National Forest. Surrounded by magnificent natural landscape, this little community offers many popular pursuits from river rafting and kayaking to hiking and bird watching. Just 12 miles from Willow Creek on Highway 96 is the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation, the largest Indian reservation in California.

Although a small and humble mountain town, it’s got a true local vibe that you’d be hard pressed to find in the normal grind of bigger cities. Here you can find fresh produce from local farm stands, shop at health food stores for your groceries, get camping supplies, or grab a coffee and snack from it’s many local shops. Then put on your bathing suit and spend the hottest part of the day hanging out at Big Rock or Kimtu beach and take a dip in the Trinity River. 




Respecting the native communities that have come before us, and honoring their traditions of good land stewardship, are a major part of our philosophy at Mojo Mountain. We not only do what we can to preserve and live in harmony with the natural environment, but also with the friends and neighbors that make up the larger human community.

We know that nobody thrives until we all do, so it means that we need to be an example of self autonomy, of living a hard working and simple life, and of sharing the special freedoms that this place offers us with the world at large. With that in mind, it is important to us to practice sustainable farming techniques, trash management and clean up incentives, good neighbor communications, and donating to and supporting other local non-profit organizations that have similar interests in mind. These are some of the local organizations we are currently working with and donating to.

Willow Creek Volunteer Fire Fighters

Most people know by now the seriousness and frequency of wildfires here in California and Humboldt County. We owe a great debt to the men and women firefighters that put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe from natural disasters and manage and monitor an array of other dangers that would otherwise be out of our control.
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Dream Quest Willow Creek Youth Partnership

Dream Quest is a grassroots organization created by local caring individuals who wanted to improve the options for the youth community of Willow Creek. The first informal meeting took place on August 30, 2000, and after continual meetings and guidance from the Humboldt Area Foundation, the Willow Creek Youth Partnership DBA Dream Quest, was formed in mid 2001.
Dream Quest's first programs included an after school program, self defense classes, and music lessons; and from there, projects and activities have expanded consistently throughout the years. We feel Willow Creek is blessed to have them, because Dream Quest has provided a stable, welcoming environment for youth and community for the past 20 years.

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